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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oct. 29, 1944

Oct. 29, 1944

My Darling Mark
         Hello Sweetheart! !
I got two letters from you today – July 11th & 30th. Slow but sure.
I got the picture frame I sent for in June for your picture – but your picture burnt in the tank so it’s useless.
I also got a 3 month old package - that was too weatherbeaten to bother with.
         It was pretty nice today – the sun was even shining – a treat over here!
         I’m feeling pretty good now – still spend most of the time in bed. I can walk around – but it doesn’t feel so good yet – so I don’t stay up too long.
         What have you been doing lately honey? Being good?
         I’ll bet Dee Dee is getting big – huh?
         Well honey I guess this will have to be it for tonite – there isn’t anything to write. I miss you & love you more every day.
         We’ll have that double ring wedding yet.
Bye for now. Write soon.
All My Love Ever         Johnny