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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Goes To a Quaint Old Pub in France

June 21, 1944
Wed. Eve. 10:00 P.M.

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I just got your letter of the 9th yesterday and the one of the 11th today.
I was mighty happy to hear from you honey.
So you got the letter I raised all the hell in huh? I’m sorry I wrote it now honey – but I had to blow my top sometime. It’s all over now anyway.
Let’s just keep the mail regular now huh?
I’ve got two letters from Cec. in the last two weeks too. You both seem to be getting on the ball! He told me he was going to be a daddy in August!  He must have fired for effect pretty quick!
I got a letter from my bro. Bobby today. He’s in the hospital again taking treatments for 10 days. I hope they help him soon.
I just finished playing a little ball & tired as hell. Then I gripe about not getting enough sleep.
I’m Cpl. of the guard tonite from 12 to 6 so I know I won’t get a hell of a lot of sleep tonite. It won’t be any use to go to sleep now for an hour or two.
I went to town last nite. Well – there was seven of us. We had a party all by ourselves at a pub. We had it in a room that hadn’t been used since the first of the war. It was really a nice place. Kinda old & quaint. The man that ran the place fixed us chicken dinners & two cases of the best beer I’ve had in England & whiskey. We really had a time! We didn’t get drunk just feeling pretty good. I did have a headache this morning tho.
The owner of the pub married an American woman.
Honey – he had the smartest & prettiest cocker spaniel I ever seen. He talked to that dog just like one of his sons & damn if he didn’t know what to do. He’d even dance with him.
Have you seen Cec. & Lu. lately? Tell them hello for me.
Did you get that 10 shilling note I sent in a letter a while back?
Well, honey I’ve got to get ready for guard & should write to Bobby yet too.
I will write you as soon as I can tho, honey. I miss you - & love you honey. Bye for now. Write soon.
All My Love Always,    Johnny
I love you sweetheart.


  1. I'm on pins and needles because I know, based on my history lessons, what is coming. That little reference to Bobby was also informative.....considering how he died.

    So Cec was a daddy a few years before your dad...and that COME TO JESUS letter he sent giving them all what-for must have been SOMETHING TO READ!!!

  2. Memory of your history lessons serve you correctly! Bobby injured his leg when he was about 14, and had an infection and several surgeries which resulted in his permanently injured leg.