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Friday, June 18, 2010

November 27, 1942

Fort Riley, Kansas

Nov. 27th 1942

Fri. 9:30.

Hello Sweetheart!

I was sure excited to get your letter this morning. I’ve read it 4 times already.

I’ve been pretty busy this week. Pitching pup tents, drilling, listening to lectures, studying the 45. cal. Colt. Today we had gas mask drill. We also went over the obstacle course. Going hand over hand on ropes across streams, a couple of fellows fell in, it was sure fun to see them. We jumped hurdles & 8 ft. board fence, crawled thru pipes & wire entanglements, climbed barriers & ropes & jumped hurdles & then double timed back to the barracks.

We really had a swell Thanksgiving dinner – Turkey & stuff – you know. It would take a half a page to name it.

Then Thurs. afternoon we got another shot: (in my arm). It’s still sore. We just got thru scrubbing the barracks for tomorrow’s inspection. We went to a show last night, put on by Vance James from Manhattan. Tomorrow night we get some free beer. I feel like getting sloppy drunk. I feel kinda blue tonight, but I think I’ll go to confession & be a good soldier. We’ve really been going thru our training fast. A 2nd Louie told me, we’d probably be “across the pond” by summer. They call this Div. a suicide squad, & I believe it.

I’ve written to Lucy but she hasn’t written yet, is she mad?

I’ll send a picture as soon as I get some developed. We’re still restricted to the camp area.

Don’t forget, the first time I’m back, we got a date!

Well, honey, I’ve got to shave & polish shoes by 10:00, so good-bye for now.


Buck Johnny

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