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Sunday, March 6, 2011

July 2, 1943

Desert Training Center, California
July 2, 1943

Friday Eve.

Darling Mark:

Hello Sweetheart!!!

You know I haven’t received a letter from you for 3 days now. I got a letter from home today. They said they were going to send you my picture. You should have it by the time you get this letter. Wed. I was out all day on a navigation problem & riding cross-country. I could hardly walk & sit down when I got in. Well I got in just in time to catch the co. going on an all nite bivouac. So I had to pack full-field & go along too. Rough – mercy. I was in the air half the time – I guess you can take that more ways than one.

The next day – Thurs. we had problems & our Lt. got lost in mts. somewhere & we spent the afternoon trying to get out. Today we had our navigation class under the mess tent.

Tomorrow I’m on K.P.!! I was wondering when they were going to catch up with me.

I think I’ll spend Sunday in Needles – if I can get out of here. Well honey I’m trying to finish this letter fast & let some guy mail it in L.A. for me. So Bye now honey. Answer Soon. I miss you.

All My Love Johnny XOX


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