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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 8, 1943, 2nd letter

Desert Training Center, California
Sept. 8, 1943

Darling Mark

         Hello Sweetheart! ! !

I just got your letter half-hour ago. I’m going to try & answer now – but doubt if I have time. We’re moving out at 6:30. I have to open this radio in 15 min.

         I didn’t do a thing today – just sat around all morning & afternoon playing cards – nobody caught us either.

         And what makes you think I’m interested in the Follies??  Who’s kidding now.

         I wish I could have been there with you & Lu & Cec. I’m living just for the day to be together again.

         I’ve got the radio on now & will probably be interrupted every 2 minutes.

         Observation school was boring, we go out on a high mt. & set up a radio & then report back to our co. the activities of the enemy. We’re what’s called the “eyes” of the Army. I’m thru with that now – till further notice & go back to navigating.

         Honey I’m going to have to close – this radio is really getting busy & we’re moving out shortly. I’d better send this letter as is no telling when I’ll get to write again. Excuse the pencil & messy paper, it can’t be helped here. This pencil has no eraser either.

         Here we go.

         Bye now.            Write soon.
         All My Love        Johnny


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