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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 5, 1943

Desert Training Center, California
Sept. 5, 1943
1:00  P.M.

Darling Mark,

I guess I’d better write today even tho I haven’t a letter from you in a week.

We’re leaving today at 3:00 P.M. for 40 day maneuvers & most likely I won’t have a lot of time to write. Gathering from the dope that was put we’re going to be pretty busy day & nite & have a pretty rough time. They’re going to be as close to the real thing as possible.

I missed not hearing from you honey. If you’re getting tired of writing – just say the word & I’ll try & understand.

I haven’t much time – I’ve got some last minute packing to do & shove off.

Hope to hear from you soon.      Bye now.
Love                   Johnny              X O X

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