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Friday, September 7, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Is Finally Getting Mail After Returning From Being A POW


Sept 15, 1944
Friday Eve.

My Darling Mark
         Hello Sweetheart!
I guess I hit the jackpot today. I got 2 letters & two parcels from you today. One letter from June 22, & Aug. 10. They had sure been around. The envelopes of the stationery were all stuck together & I couldn’t use them. The box got wet somehow. I think I can use the paper tho. The gum & candy was okay tho – honey & the cigarettes .

I got an old letter from Mom today too. I’m getting mostly back mail now – but its mail!

It sure gets dull laying around here day after day tho! I shouldn’t complain tho – it beats France a hell of a lot!

Gosh, honey I don’t know what to write about. I don’t do anything but lay around all day. Thinking mostly of you - & wondering when I’ll get to see you again! I hope its not too long.

How is Lu getting along? They have a boy or girl? Or twins?

Well honey its about time for lights out – just had my hot chocolate!

They go to sleep pretty early around here.

Write soon honey – I sure look forward to your letters. I’ll try & do better myself – if I can get this stagnant brain on the beam. Bye for now.

All my Love always,   Johnny

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