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Monday, September 3, 2012

Our WWII Soldier is Glad To Be Back Where He Can Get Real Treatment

Sept 11, 1944

My Darling Mark
         Hello Sweetheart!  !
I got your letter of the 14th today – the first in about two months!
Today I got 7 letters dated from July 3 to Aug. 18th. I was still a prisoner in Paris when they were all written. Evidently you & the Army didn’t know I was a prisoner. I’ve just been here about 2 weeks. It sure feels good to get back where a guy can get some real treatment. The Jerries didn’t [have] any medical equipment at all to speak of. When they left Paris they just took the patients that could walk. That was one time I was lucky I couldn’t walk or I’d probably be with them yet. I lost a hell of a lot of weight there – they didn’t have much food - & what they did have was hardly edible!
I’m feeling fine now & eating like a horse! Breakfast, dinner & supper in bed – not bad huh? Does get kinda tiresome laying here day after day tho – but I should gripe?
Did you receive any letters yet – that I wrote while I was a prisoner in Paris? Let me know honey! I guess I told you the Jerries took the pen you gave me while I was out (2 days) also my watch & money & tank boots. My clothes weren’t any good after they cut them off me. I had that large colored picture of you in the tank & it burnt with the tank too! That made me mad! Those damn Jerries!!  I’d better cool off before I get too mad to write!
I got a letter from the folks today – but it was written before I was wounded – I also got one from Cec & Lu!
I hope your dream comes true – honey!!
I still feel the same way about you honey – I love you more than I can hope to & miss you like hell. How about writing me long letters now -  huh? I’d better write home now & to Cec & Lu! Bye for now – honey. Write soon. I love you, I love you!
All My Love        Johnny

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