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Thursday, October 21, 2010

June 4, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
June 4, 1943
Fri. 8:20 P.M.

(inside envelope flap)

Darling Mark,

Hello Sweetheart!!

I just got off duty & out of a crap game.

I didn’t get a letter from you today – honey – I couldn’t help being disappointed. I’m writing anyway cause I’m thinking of you an awful lot.

I slept till 9:30 this morning. It sure felt good. I missed breakfast but we ate dinner at 11:00. We didn’t start the day till 12:30. I had a soft morning for once.

We were out on the range firing the carbines till 7:30. I won $13 & 2 cartons of cigarettes for having the highest score in my platoon – 168 out of 200. I should have had more – 2 of my rounds didn’t fire.

It sure turned cold here this morning. I thought winter was coming again but it warmed up this afternoon.

I’m breaking in a new pair of G.I.’s & my feet are really sore – corns, blisters & bunions.

I was going to quit smoking but I guess I’ll have to smoke those 2 cartons.

Say – honey what’s the idea dating your letter May 1? Kinda behind in time aren’t you? You must be a pretty busy gal!

I don’t know what train or bus I’ll catch tomorrow nite – if I get a chance to catch any.

Honey – I’ve got to go now. I have to shave, shower & do some laundry. We have to do our own laundry now.

I’m going to saddle soap these shoes too & see if I can soften them up any.

Gee – I miss you honey!!! I hope I get to see you again before I leave. If I don’t I want to make a date about 6 months from now – OKAY?

Well Sweetheart I’d better close for tonite. I hope I get a letter from you tomorrow.

Goodnite Honey!
Please answer soon.

All My Love XOX
Johnny X

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