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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

June 3 - June 16, 1943: the l-o-n-g train trip

Desert Training Center, California

June 3, 1943

Sat. Eve.

(inside envelope flap)




LOVE – XOX Xa long one too!


Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart!!! Honey – I was really glad to get your letter today. It was the first one since last Tues. I was on K.P. today & just got off at 7:00 P.M. Boy am I tired. That’s the most work I’ve done since I’ve been here. When I got your letter at noon tho – I didn’t care how much work I had to do. It was all I needed & it’s all I’ll be needing from now on honey – so write honey – write as often as you can.

Well – as far as I know, I’ve got tomorrow

Hear about the moron who felt so low, he got his face slapped! - oh nuts!

to rest up. I might go into Needles for a while – just to get away from here – cause there’s not a darn thing in there. One beer joint & it’s always so crowded, you’re lucky to get a drink. So you finally got my picture – huh? But I don’t see how it could be as good as you say! Too bad about Fairyland burning – but I never went there a great deal anyhow.

Sweetheart, I think I dream about you always. I keep wondering when I’ll be able to see you again & hold you in my arms. Boy I can almost feel it now.

Honey, I’d better sign off now, it’s getting a little dark & I’m tired as hell. I’ll dream about you. Bye now,

All My Love



How ya was? Boy – what a dreary day. It rained like hell last nite.

We were supposed to leave at 1:30 this afternoon but now it’s postponed till 4:30 & then it’s not definite. I don’t like this waiting around & doing nothing. Now if you were here we’d probably leave in nothing flat! Honey, I miss you so much.

I won’t be able to mail this letter here – the first chance I get – I’ll drop it off somewhere.

As you see I’ve put a stamp on this letter & no return address. They might try & stop it if I didn’t – 9:15 P.M. – as you were honey. We can’t mail any letters along the way. It’s been 5 hours since we left camp and are now just pulling out of Topeka. I’m laying in my berth now trying to write – so bear with me if you have a tough time reading this. Manhattan was flooded & the water was over the tracks so we had a slow drag thru there. I’m wondering where we’ll be in the morning. I’ll keep writing this letter till I get to Cal. honey. This berth would be nice & cozy if you were along.

Gosh honey, I sure miss you & I’m getting farther away from you every minute – only in miles tho honey. I’ll close for tonite honey & continue in the morning. Good nite sweetheart. I’m thinking of you always. I hope I dream of you.

June 16, 7:30 A.M. – Morning sweetheart! Well we’re still in Kans. Breakfast is about ready. Train is kinda bumpy. I’ll write more after chow.

8:00 A.M. – We’re now in Colorado about 60 miles. Nothing but flat land & sagebrush. I’m going to quit now – I’m having a tough time of it – as yo can plainly see.

9:30 – We’re now in La Junta, Colo. We stopped for exercises. We’re going to pull out pretty soon so I’ll close again. Hope you can read this. Bye now.

11:20 – Here I am again honey. We’re now stopped at some town between the Rocky Mts. I don’t know the name of it but I’ll try & find out. I found it – Trinidad. We’re moving out sweetheart so I’d better close now. We’re getting ready for chow now too. We’re about 80 miles from La Junta. I just sent a kid after a pint of ice-cream. I hope gets back before we pull out. I'd hate to be stuck in this place. The kid got back but no ice-cream. We’re pulling out soon. Bye for now honey –

12:00 P.M. – We’re now going thru a 3 mile mountain tunnel.

1:00 P.M. – Hello darling we’re now in Raton N. Mexico Just another town stuck between these yar hills. There’s some kids selling candy & potato chips here. Prices are sky-high. Donuts 50 c dz.

4:30 – Hello again honey! We’re in Las Vegas N. Mex. now. We got out & took a walk around town for exercise. All these towns out here are mostly Mexican. We’re pulling out again honey. I haven’t seen any town yet I liked. The air is thin here – I have a hard time getting enough of it. I’ll write more later honey.

Hello honey. We’re now in Albuque N. Mex. It’s 9:45 P.M. We’ve been here since 9:30 & are still waiting. This is the first city that’s really nice.

I bought you a hat & pair of shoes from some Indian woman. Send them first chance I get. We’re moving out now honey so I guess I’ll get some shut-eye. About 700 miles along the road – Indians live in adobe (mud homes). Kinda quaint. Goodnite now darling.

Morning honey – we’re now pulling out of Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s 8:00 A.M. There a lot of Indians in this town too. Mostly mts. & hills covered with pine trees outside the city. Not much of a place – I’ll take K.C. It’s about time for breakfast honey so I’ll close again.

3:30 P.M. – Well here we are in Needles Cal. honey. They say it’s not very hot today – 105. It’s a pretty nice town – the streets are lined with palm trees. I’ll finish this letter when I get into camp honey. We got a little ways to go yet. Bye now.

Well, darling, here I am in camp. Ain’t much to say about it. Just desert & more desert & mountains. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty rugged life. I don’t think I’ll mind too much but we’re sure a heluva ways from nowhere. I’m going to miss you an awful lot honey! I was in heaven when I was with you. I can see now.

Honey – if hell is this hot I’m going to start being a good boy. If I had a brother in hell & one out here I’d get the one off the desert first.

Well honey I guess I’ll start closing now & get ready for chow. Write very soon honey. I miss you so. Goodnite now.

All My Love







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