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Friday, December 24, 2010

June 20, 1943

Desert Training Center, California

June 20, 1943

10:30 A.M.

Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart!!! Here it is Sunday but you’d never know it out here. I’m just thinking of where I was last Sunday & comparing it with this desert! I just came back from taking a shower & shave. Am now sitting in my tent writing to you. A bunch of us guys are going swimming in the Colorado river sometime today.

I went to Mass this morning right in the middle of the desert – sand & cactus & sun included. I didn’t mind tho. It seemed pretty nice. It was 118 in our tents yesterday & 132 outside of them. I went to the U.S.O. show last nite. We’ve got a stage built out here in the desert too. It was pretty good. Frank McHugh as M.C. Akin Famerioff, Robert Armstrong – Joan Carol Dennison – whoever she is. Pretty cute trick tho. Some bags from NY & Hollywood.

Honey – we sure have some beautiful moons that come over these mountains; wish you were here. I never slept better in my life as I do out here. Used 2 blankets last nite. Honey – I’ll finish this letter when I come back from that swim. Maybe I’ll get a letter from you by that time. Bye now.

12:00 P.M. Hello Darling – I just got your letter – mercy I was glad to get it. It boosted my morale sky high honey. I really needed it too. Well honey – I’d better rush for show now. I’ll write more later – Bye now honey.

Well – I just finished chow. Ham - sweet potatoes - stewed tomatoes - lettuce & tomato salad – bread & butter – pineapple & cookies & lemonade. It wasn’t bad for out here.

The mail clerk just told us to leave – 9th Arm’d Div – off of our return address – so you won’t have to write it on your letters now.

We’re just waiting to go swimming now. It’s about a 50 mile ride from what I hear.

You want In My Arms honey? I’d like to be in yours. I’m not sure of this but here’s what I know. In my arms – in my arms – aint’ I never going to get a girl in my arms. In my arms – in my arms – ain’t I never going to get a bundle of charms. Comes the dawn – I’ll be gone – I just gotta have a honey holding me tight! You can keep your knittin’ & purlin’ if I gotta go to Berlin. Give me a girl in my arms tonite! That’s all I know.

Well honey I guess I’d better mail this letter now – so still get out tonite.

It sure is hot here. You don’t notice you sweat here – it drys right away. If you got a shirt on you can tell it. I’m just sitting here in shorts.

8:45 P.M. Hello honey – we were called out suddenly & just got back at 8:00. We went to some lake about 50 miles away. It was big & beautiful & the water was green as ink. I don’t think I’d like to make the trip again tho. It was too long & hot.

Well honey – I’d better close now – I’m pretty tired. That swim was the most energy I used in a month. Goodnite honey. Answer soon.

All My Love

Johnny X O X

P.S. Leave out – 9th Arm’d Div. & Desert Maneuvers on my address.

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