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Friday, May 27, 2011

July 12, 1943

Desert Training Center, California
July 12, 1943

Mon. Eve.

Darling Mark,

Hello Sweetheart!!!

I got your air-mail today. I hadn’t quite give up hopes of hearing from you honey. I got a letter from Lucy today.

So you want a nice long letter huh? I don’t know whether I can or not. I’d have to keep repeating how much I miss you & think of you.

All day yesterday, there was a poker game going on in my tent. Was this place a mess this morning. I couldn’t keep out of the damn game. Win & lose & lose & win. I ended up 50 c winner all day. That’s not saying what I lost Sat. I’m not talking about that.

This morning I had about an hour class on navigation & finally made my map course of last Wed. problem. The rest of the morning I helped put up a camouflauge net & tables for a mess tent. Most of the time I was having fun, listening to the Sarge trying to get us to work. He finally let us off an hour early. This afternoon we went out in Scout cars for a little drive. I operated a radio set. I thought of you making the crystals back in K.C.

I just finished making a couple of record sheets for the Sargent.

Well honey I’m starting on the third page honey. A buddy just called from his tent next to mine if I was going to the show tonite. I guess I will, but I hate to miss out on any of this wonderful sleep I get. Oh – how I hate to get up in the morning. He just told me he got a 7 page from his girl friend. You going to let her beat you by 2 pages honey?

I haven’t heard from Cec for 2 weeks now. Lucy says he’s on maneuvers. The 25th of this month we go on a 10 day problem. We were supposed to go out tonite but it was called off. I’m not a bit sorry. Our beer party has been postponed till Friday nite.

Thursday our Div. will be one-year old. I suppose we’ll have to parade or something. I wouldn’t put it pass this outfit.

Well honey it’s getting dark – (always a good excuse) & I have to answer Lu’s letter yet.

You never have said anything about that picture I asked for in your bathing suit. How about it?

Bye again honey, I miss you an awful lot. Someday I’ll write another 10 page letter. On smaller sheets than this tho.

Answer soon, honey.

All My Love XOX

X O X Johnny X O X


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