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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

July 8, 1943

Desert Training Center, California
July 8, 1943

Thurs. Eve.

Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart!!! I got your em ah nice letter today. I could say something honey, but I guess I’ll just forget about it. Fighting one battle is enough.

I just got back this evening from our overnite problems. Tired as hell! I’m laying on my cot ready for bed.

We traveled all over this damn hot desert all morning & afternoon. About 10:00 we halted & camouflaged our vehicles. We stayed there till 1:00 & started back. We got here at 5:00 P.M. A little more of this desert riding & I’ll be another dead-end kid.

From 10:30 till chow time this morning, I crawled under a scout car & went to sleep. Kinda hard & rocky, but I was tired enough not to mind.

Boy, was I plastered last week-end – only kidding honey – Ha-Ha. I only had 1 Tom Collins. I’ve got a lot of reasons for not getting drunk here. Thanks for the gum honey, & more than you probably realize it does take the place of a drink when you’re out on a desert. It keeps your mouth from getting dry. I’m thinking of you all the time anyway honey.

I promise you I’ll be good & have been good ever since I got here. There’s no other way to be.

I guess I should make out my navigation course tonite, but it’s getting too late – too tired no-how. It’s easier getting gigged by the Louie anyway.

Well, honey, I’d better close for tonite – I’ll write tomorrow nite if I’m able. Goodnite now.

Answer Soon.

All My Love Johnny XOX



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