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Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 3, 1943

 Oct. 3, 1943
Sun. 4:00 P.M.

Darling Mark,

         Hello Sweetheart ! !

I got your letter this noon. I also got one from Lucy – imagine that! She sent me Hugs Love & Kisses too! I just got thru answering her letter.

         I was on K.P. yesterday. The easiest I’ve ever had. It came at the right time – the co. had an inspection & a retreat parade from 3-6.

         There isn’t much doing now – we have a lot of lectures & tomorrow we turn all our vehicles over to Bu. So we won’t have to worry about them anymore.

         This afternoon I had to  ??? my “undies”. A lot of trouble is it not? OR do you wear them? Now take it easy honey – I couldn’t resist it.

         I doubt if I get a chance to try for the paratroops after our new T.O. goes thru. What do you mean too much of anything isn’t good for me? I’ve never had too much of sleep.

         How are you coming along in your bowling? 200 yet? I doubt if I could roll one down the gutter.

         Say – Bob Hope must rate if you have to take a bath before him!

         You don’t have to worry about me going over the hill honey – I can take anything they can give – if not we have free medical care.

         I believe I have some experience with leg make-up honey. At least I know what it is.

         Well honey I’d better close for now – I have to shave & shower yet before chow.

         Frank Morgan was on the stage of our amphitheater last nite. Crazy as ever – I think he was a little tight at that.

Bye Now.   Write Soon.

All My Love
X       X       X               Johnny              O      O      O
           X              O              X

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