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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 18, 1943

Author’s Note: This letter – envelope and all – was torn in half.  I wonder what was the reason for that?

Oct. 18, 1943
Mon. Morn.

Darling Mark,

         Hello Sweetheart ! !

I’ve got a little time this morning, so I thought I’d better write a little. We’re still here at Barkeley – we were supposed to leave last Sat. but our vehicles aren’t loaded yet. We’ve been loading tanks & half-tracks since Friday. We’ve got two trains today & one tomorrow & then we’re thru. We expect to leave here Wed. We’re supposed to get in Polk about Sat.

         It’s windy & cold here in the morning & hot in the afternoon.

         We’ve been busy as hell ever since we hit here. We usually get up at 5:30 & work till 7:00 P.M. Sometimes we get up at 4:00.

         I’ll be glad to get back to regular co. duty.

         They brought in 500 German prisoners here Sat.

         Abilene is the nearest City around here – no beer – whisky $6 pt. Johnny isn’t drinking anymore. Went to a show last nite & saw Girl Crazy – good!

         Well honey I have to fall out in a few minutes so I’d better close.

         I can hardly wait till I get my furlough! Mercy – will I be glad to get in K.C. I’ve got a lot of loving stored up!  Bye now.

Write Soon.

X       All My Love        X               Johnny     X       X       X       X
                                                   O      O      O      X       X       X

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