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Friday, May 11, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Can't Write About What He's Doing

April 13, 1944
Thurs. Eve. 9:00 P.M.
Barracks “33”
Somewhere in England!
Hell of a place to be!

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I got your letter of the 3rd today. It was post-marked the 5th. Pretty fast!
I just came back from the show here at camp. Seen “Destroyer” – I’d never seen it in the states. We’re restricted now – so there wasn’t’ anything else to do. There never is around here anyway.
The towns are here just make a guy more disgusted if he never went.
I got a letter from Mom today too – at the time she wrote it she had just heard from me since a 3 week lapse. Honey when you don’t hear from me – don’t think I don’t want to write – I can’t even tell you why I didn’t have time to write or what I was doing that I couldn’t write. It makes it kinda hard for me to explain don’t it? I hope you’ll understand Darling – cause I really like to write to you – at times it’s just like talking to you when I write – only I don’t get any answers. And too – I know you’ll answer them & the more I write, the more I’ll get from you – which makes this place a little more bearable. Honey mail is the chief thing any soldier looks forward to everyday. A letter from you honey – just makes me happy no end and I don’t care if school keeps or not.
I got an Easter card from Lu. & Cec. a couple of days ago. I guess I’ll write them tonite too.
No honey – Cec. never told me Lu. was going to have a baby – but I haven’t heard from him for quite some time now. I sure wouldn’t want to keep it a secret.
When this guy is man enough to be a daddy – I’ll let the world know! I’ll be the proudest papa at the maternity ward – Boy or girl!!
Of course – honey – I’ll be proud of my wife too – naturally! They help out a little!  Hold your fire- honey!
I’ve got your letter here now honey – so I’ll just start down it & answer all questions.
I hope you can have a darling baby of your own honey – on one condition – that I’m the father. Fair enough?
In this letter from Mom – she said Dode went to Leavenworth for his physical Sat. April 1.
He has to leave again the 22nd. I sure hate to see him leave those kids. Frank is a Sargeant now & Ralph is a gunner on a B-17. Too bad about Joe – but in a way he’s lucky!
Did you get tight at that party honey? I hope the hell you can take care of yourself when you do honey. From experience I think you can, but don’t let me worry!
I guess Cec. will tell me Lu. is going to have a baby in his next letter.
I just hope the day comes soon when I’ll be able to have a chance to be a father.
These English Babes aren’t half so good as an American gal. You don’t think I’d pass up a piece huh? Honey I have and will. The gals that can be made go out with the negro soldiers – mostly because they don’t know any better & they’re something new in England. The negros have told them that they were Am. Indians.
I’m not saying that I wouldn’t – if I thought it was pretty darn safe. It’s not worth the chance - & when I think of what I’ve got waiting for me – I think I can wait!
Honey – I love you so much I hope some day I can prove it to you. I miss you & long to be with you so damn much honey. I just wonder how much longer I have to sweat this war out to get back to you.
I almost forgot honey – I got your sweet picture in your letter too. Honey it was wonderful! I hope you send that big one soon. You can send small ones & snapshots every once in a while in your letters too – honey! The more the better. If we ever get out of camp again – I’ll try & have some taken if possible.
Well honey believe it or not its 10:30, I just have to write home tonite yet. Mom was really worried when she didn’t hear from me. Have you had a chance to go out there yet?
I’ll close for now Darling. I love you – I adore you & miss you – just everything about you.
Goodnite Darling – [Note 10 pages]
Write real soon.
All My Love always             Johnny

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