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Friday, May 4, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Asks: "What Are You Going To Do With All Those Letters?"

April 9, 1944
Easter Sunday

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I got your letter of the 27th today & was very happy to hear from you honey. I got a letter from Mom today too. She told me that she called you up. I guess she was a little worried there for awhile.
I slept till 10:30 this morning & then went to 11:30 Mass & to communion. Then went to dinner – fried chicken!
I’m spending this afternoon catching up on my letter writing – from a prone position on my bunk.
Its raining & blowing today – yesterday it was really nice – we had a base ball game yesterday & I’m pretty sore & stiff today.
What are you going to do with all those letters you’re saving honey? Make a fire someday?
Take it easy on that dentist honey & don’t get too rough with him – maybe he’ll do the teeth kicking!
I went to a show here at camp last nite & seen “Melody Parade”, pretty good.
I wish I was back in the U.S.A. & K.C. honey with you. I don’t hear from Cec. very often – I guess I should write more often to him too. I’ll write him this afternoon for sure.
Have you seen Lu. or Cec. lately?
I don’t think I can have a picture taken around here honey – but if I can – I’ll send it to you.
Honey – you can send me some air mail stationery – its pretty hard to get here.
Honey – I’m sending a little “jet” cross in this letter. I got it while I was at Whitby. I hope it doesn’t get lost enroute.
Well – honey I’ll close for now. I’ll write again tomorrow. I love you & miss you honey. Bye for now. All My love to the sweetest girl in the world.      Love  Johnny

Author's Note:
What did she do with all those letters? 

She continued to save them.  All the way through the war, until he came home. 

We found them in her hope chest, a year after they both died. She kept them all those years without us even knowing about them.  The letters became this book.

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