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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Can't Write About What Goes On, And Is Ready to Catch Up On Loving With His Sweetheart

May 16, 1944
Thurs. Eve.

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I got your letter of the 2nd the other day. We were in the field & just got in last nite late. I couldn’t answer sooner honey – or I would have. I have to write to Mom & Sis tonite too.
Honey you know better than to ask me if I love you enough to write long letters. Honey I love you & miss you so much it hurts. I could write pages on what I do & what goes on but you know it would never go thru the censor. Someday I’ll tell you all that I’ve left out of my letters. That is after I catch up on the loving I’m missing – probably take a year or more to catch up huh? There won’t be any time for talk honey. That day couldn’t come soon enough or last long enough – as you say honey!
If you think I’ll think a wild woman’s got a hold of me & I think you’ll have a wild man got hold of you there’s going to be a hell of a fight honey. Nice fight!
That’s a fine thing to tell me honey, about the “Three Feathers”. Here we’re lucky to get what they call beer – let alone whiskey. Once in a while they have Scotch – you’re lucky to get 2 shots.
By the way – I’d have got what honey????? Or am I being silly?
Honey you don’t like it because I don’t write a long letter & then you don’t write at all for a week or two. Tain’t being fair honey. I guess you’re pretty busy – so am I but I can always make time to answer your letters. I don’t like to write you a short letter honey – but sometimes I get so damned disgusted I just can’t write at all. I don’t mean at you honey. But honey I do wish you’d write more often.
Sis gave me a dick in her last letter saying that she got the longest letter I wrote her – 3 pages. I know I’ve written her 4 already.
It’s been rainy & cold here lately – very disgusting weather. I wouldn’t [mind] this in K.C. tho.
Well honey I guess a 7 page letter isn’t so short now is it? I’ll try & make them all this long or longer honey.  I’m going to write to Mom & Sis now & the get in my favorite position – mainly horizontal!
Honey – I could write 7 more pages & tell you how much I love & miss you.
Honey I do love you – some day I hope to prove it. Goodnite for now honey. I love you Darling.
All My Love always,   Johnny

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