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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Is Catching Up Answering Letters While Most of the Boys Are On Pass

June 10, 1944
Sat. Eve.

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I got your letter of the 29th today & was glad to hear from you again so soon. Just keep it up honey.
I’m on C.Q. tonite & have a chance to catch up on some writing. Most of the boys are on pass or to the show. I just finished writing to Sis & Bobbie.
No, honey I can’t have any pictures taken here & even if we had a Kodak – film here just can’t be had.
I guess you’ll have to wait honey till I get back to the states & then you’ll have the chance of seeing me in person & action!
I guess I told you I heard from Cec. & he mentioned the baby.
I’m looking over your letter of the 15th again too.
I’m feeling okay honey- but mostly for you.
I’m not gaining any weight – but I’m not losing any either. I’d be willing to let you love off about 10 lbs tho – how about it?
Did you get that letter with all the hell in it? I really blew my top in that one! Huh? Forget about it! I wouldn’t save that one if I was you!
I’d like to have a little of that nice weather you’re having back there. I’d like to have anything back there in fact!
Dora is still with Ralph in Lakeland Florida.
Has Cec. & Lu. been over lately? How is Larry? Tell them hello for me.
How is Dee Dee? Tell her I said hello.
Well sweetheart I’ve run dry on writing – I’m surprised I wrote 5 pages.
I guess I’ll go to communion in the morning. I haven’t went since Easter.
This will have to be all for now honey. I’ve got a little work to do yet & have to shave too. Bye for now, Sweetheart. Write Soon. I love you & miss you honey.
All My Love        Johnny
Did you get the 10 shilling note?

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