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Monday, June 25, 2012

Our WWII Soldier is Sorry He Wrote The Letter Where He Gave His Sweetheart Hell

Author’s note:  The return address now has the rank of Corporal.

June 8, 1944
Thurs. morn

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I got your very nice and welcome letter of the 15th yesterday.
I guess you’ve got the letter I gave you all the hell in by now. I wish I hadn’t of written it now – but I was plenty hot around the collar anyway - you had it coming don’t you think? It’s too late to talk about that now anyway I just hope you keep writing like you have been doing lately & more.
I finally got a letter from Cec. too – I sent him a kinda nasty letter too – He wrote before he got it I know. He told me about the coming event.
I’m glad you got the threepence – I'm sending a 10 shilling note in this letter – its worth about $1.00 in Am. money.  [Author’s note: mostly illegible, blacked out sentence here – something about $??? in Am. money] That’s the kind of money we’re using here.
I have to go back on guard in a little while so I’d better start closing this letter. I hope you get to go out to the folks – I know they’d be glad to see you.
I sent Mom a cablegram on Mother’s Day – but I don’t think it ever went thru.
I haven’t received the stationery as yet honey but I guess I will in time.
Honey – you can send those pictures you took – I’m always glad to get pictures of you. I’ve got to go now – honey. Write soon. I love you sweetheart!!
All My Love always - Johnny

Ten Shilling Note


  1. Wow....sounds like people at home might have forgotten about a very lonely and probably scared soldier over seas? Imagine how that guilt plays if anything happens in the next couple days, weeks, or months.

  2. I think they're still writing, but that it takes longer for the letters to get to him cause he's overseas now. Most letters still got there by boat back in those days, and then had to get distributed somehow to all the bases where the soldiers were. But you can tell he's lonely and scared, just a kid so far away from home and on the threshold of one of the biggest wars ever.