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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Sends Home a British Sixpence

May 4, 1944
Thurs. Eve.

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!
How goes everything? I’m missing you more every day, & that picture makes it all the more so.
I haven’t much to write about tonite. I’ve got to answer a letter to Mom and one to Mary.
Honey how long does it take for my letters to reach you. Lately I’ve been getting mail between 7 – 8 days from the states.
How are Lu & Cec.? I haven’t heard from them for quite some time.
How is your Mother and sisters and Dee Dee? Tell Dee Dee I said hello.
We had a little rain here today – but the weather has been unusually nice here lately.
Is your brother still in Sicily?
Well honey I think I’ll call it a nite and hit the horizontal position.
Goodnite Darling.
Write Soon.
All My Love        Johnny
This sixpence is worth 10 cents in Am. money.

British sixpence, c. 1934

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