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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Gets Word from the Doc

Oct. 11, 1944

My Darling Mark
         Hello Sweetheart! !
I got a letter from you today – Aug. 17. A little late. The clipping about me was in it.
         There was a Joe from the medics in our ward just now - & was playing the violin. He was really good.
         The Doc. said my chest would be allright & he wasn’t going to take the shrapnel out of my lung – but they are going to graft a little skin on my leg wound. I’ll be here a couple of [weeks? – sic] yet then – I guess & then go to reconditioning for a couple of weeks & then probably back to the front – if this damn war isn’t over yet! Doesn’t seem to be any hope of me getting home for Christmas does it?? We can still hope anyway honey!
         It’s rained all day here & cold as hell. Sure hate this miserable weather. Kind of weather to be home with your girl-friend!
         My mail sure is coming slow here. I hope it picks up.
         I got a v-mail from Frank today of Aug. 18. – but it had been sent to C.P. Directory
         Well honey I’d better close now & get this in the mail before lights go out. Time now I hope I can make it. Seen Cec & Lu lately? Honey – I love & miss you more every day. I hope you don’t get tired of waiting for me so long.
         Tell everyone hello honey. Goodnite Darling – I love you!!

All My Love Always             Johnny

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