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Saturday, September 4, 2010

May 17, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
May 17, 1943
Mon. Eve. 8:30

(inside envelope flap)

Darling Mark:

Hello Sweetheart how ya doing? I got back to camp this morning at 12:00, and mercy me we had to get up at 4:30. We also had to work till 6:00 tonite.

When I got off the train it was raining like hell again – but I didn’t mind it as long as I had you on my mind.

This afternoon we took a hike in the rain with full field pack. My poor feet just can’t take it! I’m dead tired but I can still write to you.

As soon as we were off duty – I shaved & dressed & went to Riley & had – now relax – my pictures taken! No fooling honey – I even missed chow so I could. I’ve just come back from there. They won’t be ready for at least 2 weeks – so I guess I’ll have to have them mail it to you.

It’s still dark & cloudy out – I guess it’ll rain again tomorrow.

I was supposed to operate a radio today on a problem but the car that my radio was in, was dead lined & couldn’t go out. So I ended up on that damn hike. I guess I’ll have to tell them who I am around here.

I sure did miss not getting a letter from you today honey!

Honey – I’m still sorry about last Sat. nite. I wish you had of clubbed me with a chair or something! Maybe I would have woke up. I guess I can’t take it anymore.

I guess I oughtta get some long letters from you this week – being as how you’re on a vacation – wish I could be with you but I guess it will still be quite some time before I see you again.

Today we were issued mosquito? head nets & dust respirators.

Wednesday we start wearing our summer khaki’s.

If we don’t work this week-end & if I’m not on detail, & if we’re still here & if we’re not restricted to camp – I’m going to try & get a 3-day pass, if I can & if I do – I’m going to hold you every minute of the time.

Some G.I. got married over the weekend & just gave me a cigar – I’m debating whether or not to smoke it. I’ll probably end up like I was Sat. & I never want to feel like that again.

Sweetheart I guess I’ll close for tonite & start dreaming of you. Write & let me know what you do this week if it’s not too personal & if you want to. Honey – I’m going to miss you so much.

Goodnite honey – please write soon.

All My Love

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