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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 22, 1943 CAMP POLK, LA

         I got two letters from you today, honey & two from Mr. Green. I’m glad he’ll be home when I get my furlough. I expect to be home about Nov. 5 or 6 at the latest. I’m only getting 10 days. We’re going on maneuvers down here about the end of Nov. till Jan. 29.

         This is a nice camp but we’re a hell of a way from a decent town. Sheveport (sic) is 110 miles. It’s a nice town. We stopped overnight there last nite, before coming in.

         The mornings here up to 10:00 are so foggy you can’t see 10 feet in front of you. It’s awful damp too. It’s nice and warm in the afternoons – goes to about 90°.

         Our barracks are about a block from the P.X. & 2 blocks from a movie.

         I’m sure anxious to get home now that I know I’ve got a furlough coming.

         I’ve got a guy pestering the hell out of me here. I let him add a P.S. so he would leave.

         Well honey its about time for lights out so I’d better close. I should write a lot more but I’m too tired.

         I think I’ll go right to sleep & get some good rest for a change.

         I’ve got a big day tomorrow again. Sunday I’ll have to myself – I think.

         I can hardly wait to see you honey & (illegible) when I do!

Bye now.   Write soon.

All My Love        Johnny

P.S. I heard ‘Paper Doll’ 3 times tonite! I can’t help it I just it.

P.S.  Hello Pulchram Pullam (Mark)
Johnnie asked me to add a P.S. now I am spellbound in fact I do not know what to say so.     Ra Colter

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