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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Asks for Cigarettes, Gum, Candy and Cookies

April 3, 1944
Mon.  10:00 P.M.

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart!!
I love you honey – I love you!! I got 2 letters from you today – one of the 14th & one the 21st. Both were post-marked the 21st ????
         We got off guard today at noon & had the rest of the afternoon off. I just came back from a U.S.O. show – it sure was good. It’s been raining here now for 3 days & sure is miserable. Just muddy as hell around here.
         I got a V-mail from Mary today – my sister-in-law. You’ve met her haven’t you? She says Joyce sure is getting fat. I sure miss the little devil!
         Our barracks are sure crowded this evening. There’s a poker game going on beside my bunk – but I’m writing to you. I’ve quit ever since you gave me hell way back on the “desert” – remember?         I never have the time to waste anyway!  I did a lot of laundry today again too!

         I got the medal in one of the letters too – honey. I’ll have the Chaplin bless it Sat. or Sunday, & I’ll wear it for you honey!
         Honey – I can hardly wait till I’m with you again & I don’t know how long it will be till I get to be with you again. I hope the hell its soon tho.
         Honey I’m trying to make this a long letter – but don’t know for sure or not whether I can. If I just keep on writing like this & filling the pages – I might be able to write a few more pages. See what I mean. I just keep talking & writing but I guess you’re getting tired of this huh? Maybe I can do better honey!
         Cripes – I’ve got a couple of guys pestering the hell out of me every time I start to write.
         I can only send 2 of these blue letters a month now honey!
         The way you talk honey – you’ve been doing a lot of eating. Gaining any weight? You’ll probably need it – cause when I get back – I’ll probably wear about 20 lbs off you – hugging & loving you.
         Honey – I hope you do send some more snapshots – that’s something I can never get enough of. Have Lu & Cec. send some too.
         Honey can you send a picture – about a 5 x 7 size? I could keep one about that big!  If you can – send it as soon as possible!
         Honey – you said you wanted me to ask for something so you could send it. How about mailing yourself? That’s all I really want.
         If you want to – I could use some cigarettes (Camels) you can send some candy too & some cookies that you made yourself & I’ll see if you are a good cook.  Okay? I’ll be waiting for them – honey.
         You can send some gum too honey – think you can get that stuff in one box?
         Well honey I tried to make this at least a 10 page letter but I guess I can’t. I’ll write 3 pages tomorrow nite and that’ll make ten – or 5 pages & make it 12 huh?
         Honey – I’d better get to bed now – I miss you darling & love you so very much.
         I’ll try to write more often – ever they ever slow up around here a bit. I hope I dream of you tonite Darling.
         Goodnite Sweetheart!!
All My Love – Johnny

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