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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Gets His Tea Leaves Read and Was Told He'd Be Married Inside a Year


March 24, 1944
Friday 5:30 P.M.

My Darling Mark
Hello Sweetheart !  Yes, I’m still living – but I told you I probably wouldn’t be able to write. I just got back today & I found 6 letters from you. I sure got a lot of writing to catch up on now. I’ve got to write Mom tonite too.
         Honey I sure have been missing you an awful lot. Mercy – how I’d like to be with you!
         I was up to Whitby about 300 miles from here – I can’t tell you what I was doing. It was like a vacation tho honey. This town was a summer resort before the Army took it over & it really had some beautiful sights. I’ve got some post-cards I am going to try & send them home. We lived in hotels right in town! It had about 53 “pubs” in town. I bought a few pieces of Whitby jet & will try & send it home too. Honey – I’ll send the post cards home & I want you to go out & see them when you get a chance. Alright? I got a letter from Cec & he said he bought a car so he could take you out there sometime!
         It’s a beautiful day here today. The sun’s been shining all day – its just like summer – but it’ll probably change tomorrow.
         I had my tea leaves read one nite- just for the hell of it - & she told me I’d be married inside a year. She also said I’d be leaving England soon by plane. Sounds pretty good huh? Honey if you can’t send the medal without me asking for it – well I’m asking you to send it now & slip a pack of gum inside it.
         Just came back from chow & now we’re having school here in the barracks. I’m going to keep writing till I’m stopped.
         Darling – I’d never change my mind about you. I know you’re the one I want to love. Honey I’ll try my best to be worthwhile your waiting. You asked what I do on my time off – well honey when we do have time off – they have shows 3 times a week here in camp – mostly old ones. Writing letters takes up a lot of spare time. We can have passes to town – but there’s not much to do in town & it’s usually late when we get in & everything’s closed. Then we have a lot of our laundry to do quite often. So you see honey – there isn’t a lot a guy can do. I’m just waiting for the day I can come back home & just talk about all this, & let it just be a memory.
         Honey I’ll have to write home now – they’ll probably think I’m dead. I love you Darling & someday we’ll be together forever. I’ll close for tonite & write again tomorrow. Goodnite Darling
Write Soon & often             All My Love        Johnny

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