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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Has Been on Guard Duty and Hasn't Had Time To Write

April 2, 1944
Sunday    6:00 P.M.

My Darling Mark
        Hello Sweetheart!!  I got your V-mail today so I’d better answer now. I haven’t had much time to write lately. I’ve been on guard since Fri. & I’m on again tonite & tomorrow. It seems like I’ll never catch up on my letter writing. I got a letter from Mom today that I’ll have to answer tonite, or maybe she may think I’m dead by now.
         The weather is back to normal around here again – cold & rainy. It rained all last nite.
         Honey – I don’t know really what to write about. I miss you like hell & wish I was back with you tho. If I ever get back to you – I’ll never leave you again honey. Are you still working nites honey? What do you see of Cec. & Lu? How’s your Mother & sisters & Dee Dee?  Have you sent that big picture yet? I haven’t had time to have one taken as yet.
         Well honey I’d better close for now & write home – by that time I’ll have to go on duty. I’ll write again tomorrow honey. Bye for now. Write soon honey!
         All My Love Darling – Johnny

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