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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Dreams of His Sweetheart, and Wants to Spend Quiet Evenings At Home

March 24, 1944
Friday 5:30 P.M.

My Darling Mark
Hello precious!
I got two sweet letters from you today & was very happy to get them - just coming off K.P.
         It was another nice day here again. I hope it stays this way.
         I’ve still got my laundry to do that I started to do two days ago.
         Honey I had a dream about you the other nite while on guard. I dreamed I stopped off in K.C. (I don’t know where I was going or doing there but) I stopped in a cafĂ© for some coffee & you were sitting at another table. I was awfully happy for some reason – but all I done was said “hi” to you & let it go at that (whats the matter with me??) then they woke me up to go on duty. I wish I could have dreamed on – maybe I’d have got to kiss you & honey how I’d like to do that! Honey I can almost feel a kiss from you – but I’d like to have a real one. The more I think about you the more lonesome I get for you.  Honey – I miss you like hell!  Its an awful feeling to miss anyone & want to be with someone as much as I do you, darling. I have you on my mind every nite when I go to sleep – hoping I can dream of you!
         Having a hard time reading this – I’m laying on my bunk & its kinda uneasy to write. Just lazy or an excuse?
         Honey – after I do get home & we’re married & I do want you – we’ll spend a lot of nice quiet evenings home. I don’t think I’d want to do much reading tho when I could be doing a lot of loving.
         Were you kidding when you said if you could get me to go to bed.
         I’ll probably be wanting my “dinner” in bed, & I don’t mean potatoes!
         Ralph & Dora got married at Olathe & Dora isn’t Catholic – that’s why Mom took it so hard.
         Honey – I’ll try & get a picture taken – but I haven’t seen any quick photo shops yet & the photo shops I have seen are only open about 3 days a week & are closed when I see them. Honey you can send me a picture of you every week if you can. I got a letter from Ralph Mitchell’s mother today - you know her? him? I guess Cec. gave it to her.
         Well – honey – I guess I’ll write Mom & do a little washing & go to bed & hope I dream of you. Darling I miss you & love you more every day. Honey I love you. I love you.
Goodnite Darling!!
Please write soon & often.

         All My Love,       Johnny

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