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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Soldier Is Still In the Hospital In England

Sept 26, 1944

My Darling Mark
         Hello Sweetheart! !
         How’s my honey holding out?  I got your letter of the 19th today. Haven’t you heard from me yet? I wrote you the same day I wrote home & they have got the letter.
         No doubt at the time I’m writing this you should have heard honey. This is some of the stationery you sent – the envelopes were all stuck & had to throw them away.
         I don’t know whether I can have any pictures taken or not honey. I know I can’t until I get out of this hospital. You can send me one of you as often as you want tho – honey & I’d love it. The large one of you * had burned up in the tank & a lot of other pictures I had.
         I had a lot of souvenirs in it too that I lost.
         To me honey – the war news don’t sound so good – but it doesn’t sound bad either. This war going to last longer than most people think at home tho.
         You mentioned your “baby” was cute – you meant Lu’s didn’t you??? Sometimes you worry me - no end – honey.
         How are you & what’s doing around K.C.? Does it seem any different these days?
         Mercy – how I’d like to be back there! I guess I’ll have to keep “sweating it out” tho.
         I’m coming along pretty good & feeling alright, except for a cold.
         I heard from Ralph today – he’s back at Lakeland, Fla. Dode is in Miss. Frank is still in Nevada – desertion probably.
         Well honey I guess I’ll write home & to Ralph – so will say goodnite. Bye for now Sweetheart. Write soon.
All My Love Love Love Johnny

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