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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Soldier Says He Had A Very Satisfying Dream About His Sweetheart!

Oct. 1, 1944
A.P.O. 314

My Darling Mark
         Hello Sweetheart! !
I got two letters from you today – of Sept. 2 and 7th. Was really happy to hear from you honey. I’m getting your letters quite often now. I hope they keep coming. By your letters I guess you’re not getting mine very often – I don’t know why tho honey – I do write pretty often.
         I got a letter from Cec. today & a card announcing their baby. He told me I was god-father by proxy.
         I’m feeling okay honey except a cold – the first one since I’ve been over here.
         There was a Navy band here today – that was formed by Artie Shaw a couple of years ago. A few were from his original band. They’ve been playing all over the So. Pacific & are now over here. I mean they were really sharp! We had a movie in our ward today – “Tap Man”. I’d seen it twice before- but since I could lay on my bed & see it, I layed thru it again – since there was nothing else to do.
         I got a letter from the folks today & some pictures. It sure is good to see home again even if it is only in a picture.
         You sure have a time with me in your dreams, don’t you, honey! Have you ever had a dream of me that satisfied you! I had one last week of you – in which I was pretty well satisfied! I went back to sleep & dreamed up a sequel!
         Honey- you can send me some of those cookies you bake every so often. Can you get any Milky Way candy bars?
You can say the best-loving honey – it should be the best after waiting so long.
Well, honey I guess I’ll write to the folks & Cec. & call it a night. I’m getting lazier every day. Don’t even get up for breakfast in the mornings anymore.
I love you honey - & Lord only knows how much I miss you.
Goodnite Sweetheart!
Write Soon.
All My Love Always             Johnny

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