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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26. 1943

Desert Training Center, California
July 26, 1943
Mon.   7:00 P.M.

Darling Mark –

         Hello Sweetheart!!!

Got your card today – first mail from you since last Wed. You can do better than that honey.

         We just finished another inspection. We had one Sat. this afternoon & again tonite. We had to mark our equipment & clothing again.

         We had a retreat formation tonite too.

         Last Thurs. we traded our Scout cars for half-tracks. We didn’t get back till Fri. nite & some didn’t get back till Sat. nite. They were sure in a mell of a hess. We had a lot of fun coming back. 9 of us from ‘C’ co. were alone together – so we had a race. I could only get 45 M.P.H. out of mine & then I thought it was going to fall apart. There were 25 in the convoy coming back & only 17 made it all the way back here.


         Mercy has it been hot here. 148° Fri. 150° Sat & Sun & 150° today. I can take 135° & 140° but when it goes past that – I wilt.

         Honey I wish you could write oftener. I miss you so much & when I don’t get a letter honey – well I don’t feel too good.

         So how about a nice long letter huh.

         It’s getting dark now – so I think I’ll take in a show. Goodnite now.  Write Soon.                                          X O X
X O X         All My Love                 Johnny

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