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Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 1943

Desert Training Center, CA
July 29, 1943
Thurs.  7:00 PM

Darling Mark,

Hello Sweetheart!!!  How ya was today?  What a rugged day I had.  We hiked about 6 miles with pack last nite & slept out.  Got up at 5:20 ate chow & at 7:30 started out again.  We had to climb a 1500 ft. mountain.  It was steep & very rocky.  I sure am lucky, tho.  I ran into 2 rattlesnakes.  It aged me 5 yrs.  Later after we reached the top – it took us 1-1/2 hrs. to get to the top – we went hunting snakes & killed 3 with a 45.  A Sargent got the rattlers off them.  I don’t want any part of them. –

We stayed on top of the mt. till 20:30 & started down.  We got down in about time for chow.  We had to cook our own meal.  Our platoon was lucky – we’ve got 2 ex-cooks in it & they did our cooking too.

It was sultry all day & as usual very hot!

Tired as hell when we got in camp.  You can tell when we’re tired – no one has much to say.

We’ve just finished marking our equipment again – we’re having another inspection Sat.  If it isn’t right this time the whole co. officers & all are going to be in hock a couple months.

Well, honey I think I’ll get some sleep – so goodnite now.  Write soon – I miss you an awful lot honey. XXX XOX
All my love,

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  1. Reminds me of the 1976 vacation with my folks and stopping to take in the field of Custer's Last Stand. All along the designated area to walk there were signs that read 'Stay on marked trail. Rattlesnakes.' No one strayed. Don't know if there were really snakes or they just wanted to make sure the grassy area wasn't trampled by tourists. I know your dad was freaked out...and I'm wishing we had the letters your mom wrote to him...I'm guessing she was freaked out, as well!