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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 18, 1943

 Desert Training Center, California
July 18, 1943
1:00 P.M.

Darling Mark,

         Hello Sweetheart!!!

         Just came back from chow. At mail call I didn’t get a letter – but 10 min. afterwards he comes around with your air-mail of the 14th. So I’m happy again.

         Catching the flu, eh? That’s what you get from swimming in the rain. Do you think for one minute that would stop me from kissing you?

         Friday nite, the first Sargeant came up & relieved me of guard so I could go to the beer-party. So naturally I had to drink a little beer to stay off guard. A wild time was had by all. After the beer was gone – the fights started. Noone was hurt seriously. Kabonic – as usual got a shined eye. I got off with a skinned knee & shin & an 8 in’ cut on my left arm. Someone called the O.D. & the fights stopped. I went back on guard Sat. morning & slept a couple of hours, then the O.D. came around & dismissed us. I sure felt rough the rest of the day. I wasn’t drunk tho, honey.

         It’s nice & cool today for a change. The clouds have been hiding the sun all day & I wanted to get a sun-tan today too.

         I would go swimming this afternoon if I wasn’t so tired – or lazy.

         I haven’t heard anything about the little boy that was burned – but I guess he’s okay, or I would have heard about it.

         Honey – I don’t worry about anything – not too much, but I do think a lot of you & the folks home. That’s about all I can do out here. Honey – I do think about you as much as I say I do & what makes you wonder about it?

         @%*!!  I just dropped my pen in the sand!

         Honey I was kidding about being plastered, I knew you’d have something to say about it. I just gotta tease once in awhile. I’ve stocked up on “gum” too honey. 10 packs of Dentyne!  I’ve got to do some washing (wish you were here) today yet. I should sew up my cot too. I found out they won’t take much rough treatment. Must be those women I chase in my sleep. Damit _ never can catch them.

         Well, honey, I’ll close for today – I’m going to play ball now & they’re waiting. I’ll wait & tell you the score – bye now.

         Back again – no score. It wore me out. Now I’ve got to shower & shave. I haven’t shaved for two days now – think I’ll raise a mustache.

         Bye now honey.
         I’ll be good!

         All My Love        XOX
X X X X      Johnny     XOX

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