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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 1943

Desert Training Center, California
Aug 3, 1943

Darling Mark,

Hello Sweetheart!!

No letter today – but I said I would write anyway. It’ll have to be short cause we’re falling out in about 10 min to go on the range. I didn’t think we’d go out till tomorrow nite. We’ll stay out till Thurs. so I won’t get a chance to write before then.

I was thinking about you today while we were marching – when all of a sudden we got a right flank – and I keep on marching – a buddy asked – what’s the matter – Kansas City? He’s from K.C. too & was thinking of K.C.

You’ll have to excuse this scratch honey – I’m trying to rush & get thru before we fall out.

A buddy just brought me a beer. It sure tastes good out here.

Well honey I’d better close. I’ll write when I come in again.

Bye now. Write soon. I miss you an awful lot, honey.

All My Love                 Johnny
X                                         X                                X
                 X                                         X
                 HAD          TO             FILL                   IN

X               THIS                  X               SPACE                X
                 X                                         X      
X                                         X                                         X

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