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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall 1943

There are long stretches between letters during this time.

Mark confessed that she had a "crush" on a blond young man while Johnny was away, and didn't write as often during that time.  She was a little distracted, you might say.  So, when Johnny scolds her about not writing often enough...... now you know why!

She also loved her independence, being young and single, working and earning money at the radio crystal factory.  She often went out with her friends to go dancing, and enjoyed playing tennis at the local tennis courts down the street.  Even though in the letters Johnny often mentions marriage, Mark was in no hurry to settle down.

Then there came a time when she realized she was madly, deeply in love with Johnny and suddenly just couldn't wait to get married to him.  

But I get ahead of myself.....

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  1. I think Mark knew if she wanted to have the children she craved she would have to settle down and I also think she knew she'd get on just fine with the Jambrosic family. She was already past 25 and at that time...when most women were getting married at 18 and 19...your mother was coming to a conclusion that she'd gotten to spend more time getting to know herself than many many women of her time. But I think if she had just been born another 20 years later...she might never have chosen marriage at all. What do you think?