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Saturday, July 3, 2010

December 21, 1942

Fort Riley, Kansas

Dec. 21, 1942

Hi Sweetheart!!

I received your letter Sat. morn. I had just come back from another overnight hike. I wasn’t so cold. I had 2 blankets & a comforter. That ground was sure hard as H*XX.

I came home Sat. nite, till Sun. noon. I guess you’ve heard by now. I called up but you weren’t home. I think I’m coming home Xmas. I’ll try & see if I can catch you home for a couple of minutes.

Today we moved again, into our old co. The next time we move it’ll probably be Louisiana or Death Valley for our maneuvers. Tomorrow we go on the rifle range. Thurs. we go on the 30 cal. machine gun range.

This morning we took the Scout cars cross country. Talk about rough riding, this can’t be beat. I got a twisted knee out of it. Every time I get in shape something happens & I’m limping around again.

Well, honey, I’ve got to do some arranging & unpacking so I’ll close. See you Xmas? Write soon.




(I’m coming to collect these)

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