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Thursday, July 29, 2010

April 19, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
April 19, 1943

Hello Darling!!

I just received a letter from you that I didn’t expect. I was going to write anyway.

I got back to camp about 4:20 this morning. I missed breakfast to get an extra half-hour sleep – total 1-1/2 hrs. I’m lucky tho, we didn’t have such a hard day & got off this afternoon about 3:00. I just finished polishing some shoes & straightening out my tent. Boy was it a mess. Say honey wait a couple of minutes, huh? It’s about time for chow & I’m hungry as a horse. There goes the gong & I’m late, I had my shoes off – Just as well take my time now – it only takes a couple of seconds for the whole company to line up. XXoXX.

Back again honey – Hamburger tonight & iced tea with lemon, but it was a bit chilly for iced tea. I got a nice big red apple – wanta bite?

We haven’t moved as yet, I hope we move closer to Manhattan. I’m having a buddy make a reservation for a room Sat. & Sun. I’m not so sure I be able to get one, they’re really crowded. His wife is moving out so I’m trying to get it before anyone else. Are you still coming up here? Let me know for sure honey! I’m looking forward to it.

Mark sweetheart I sure do miss you more every day. Not having a wonderful time – but wish you were here.

Well Darling I’d better close for tonight. Please answer soon & write often – huh? I think I’ll turn in early tonight I’m a very tired little soldier!

Goodnite Darling
Answer soon sweetheart
All my Love

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