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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

December 27, 1942

Fort Riley, Kansas

Dec. 27, 1942

Hi Honey!!

Happy New Year!!

I’m sorry I was tight when I saw you Xmas. I had planned a different way of spending my time, or hours with you. Next time I’ll be sober.

My train didn’t pull out till 1:30. We got in camp about 2:30. I got 1-1/2 hours sleep. Sat. we went out in the Scout cars again. It’s the first time I drove one on a smooth highway. It was raining like everything. I had about a mile of mud road driving. It was tense driving – a ditch on both sides of the road. About half of the guys got stuck & we had to wait an hour before they got out. Some reason the rain was wet & cold. We about froze sitting waiting. Those are the times I’d give all I own to have you here.

We got some bad news yesterday. Only 10 per cent of us get passes on week ends. It seems down to a pass every 9 weeks. I’m requested! Today it’s snowing & blowing like a blizzard!

I’d like to go to a show but I don’t like to walk in this kind of weather. The show is one place where you can forget you’re in the Army. You forget all about Army routine till they turn on the lights & you see all them brass buttons shining, then you start cussing again. Next week we’re supposed to graduate from driving school.

The first chance I get to Junction City, I’ll have a picture taken & send it that’s a promise. I’ll send some snapshots too.

Hope you can read this scratching. Some day maybe I’ll learn to write.

Sweetheart, I’ll have to close now, it’s about chow time.

Write soon Honey.




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