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Sunday, July 11, 2010

March 24, 1943

Fort Riley, KS

March 24, 1943

11:00 P.M.

Lo- Sweetheart!!

Surprise is right!! In fact I was stunned. It only took you a couple of months to answer tho. Pretty busy huh? I been pretty busy myself lately. Last Friday, Sat & Sun. we were on a three day problem. It was a lot of fun in a way. Sat. morning we fired the 75 M.M. I fired 3 rounds @ $40 a piece. How’s that for blowing money. Friday nite I slept in the tank & about froze. I only took one blanket with me, I didn’t think I’d get cold. Live & Learn. Sat. nite I made a hammock out of my shelter-half. It was comfortable but cold. I woke up about 4 A.M. & sat by a fire with a buddy till morning. Sunday nite my buddy & I made a bed of grass about 1 foot thick- but when we went to sleep, we found out that some other guys had swiped most of it. We slept good tho. & then had to get up at 4:00 & start back to camp. We got back at 6:30 & then had to spend all day Monday cleaning our guns & tanks. I got about 14 hrs. sleep in 4 days. Sunday nite we had a beer party by the fire. About 5 cases & our Lt. brought a qt. of rum from the officers quarters. Ah! What a gay time was had by all.

Last Thurs. we had a beer party in the mess hall. Another merry time. I was put to bed by three good buddies. I woke up the next morning on the floor. I’ve sworn off drinking – except on special occasions.

We’ve been going over the obstacle course every day this last week. Yesterday I fell in – well really I was knocked in the creek – mercy it was cold. Four other guys also went in. Today the Lt. fell in – he didn’t care tho. I’ve never seen another officer like him there’s no military dignity about him. We never salute him & are always playing jokes on him.

Tomorrow we fire the 50 cal. M.G. again. Its really a powerful piece.

Next Sat. we fire over the rest of the co’s heads with the 75’s. I’m glad I’m doing the firing instead of being fired at.

We had to scrub & wash windows tonight for a general inspection tomorrow morning. We have to get up at 3:30 & get ready for the inspection. That means about 4 hrs. sleep for me tonight.

In a couple of weeks or less we’re going to start working nights. They better put a guard over me if they want me to stay awake. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. I’m getting pretty sleepy now. Maybe that’s why the writing is so bad. Gotta have some excuse for it. Well, honey I guess this brings you up to the date news on what’s happening here with me, & a couple of other soldiers.

What’s happening in K.C.? Are you & Lu. still working at the same place. I got a card from Lu. last week. I should be getting an answer to my letter pretty soon.

I haven’t any pictures now, but as soon as I get a chance to go to town I’ll have some taken. Promise. We’re really having mellow weather here the last few days. It’ll probably snow tomorrow.

Well, Babe I’d better get some shut-eye a little bit anywho. See how soon you can answer, huh. Bye now.




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