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Thursday, July 8, 2010

January 12, 1943

New York, NY

Jan 12, 1943


My Darling Mark,

Hello Sweetheart! I got a letter from you today, of the 3rd & 5th. I’ll attempt to answer them now before chow.

No honey I don’t remember the date we met it was about 2 yrs. ago tho wasn’t it?

Honey – if you could have come down – I’d have probably wanted to get married too. It’s really impossible for you to come now tho, honey. I wish you could – but try & understand.

I miss you too honey & love you more every day.

It’s okay with me honey – if you put an announcement of our engagement in the paper. You can send it to me too. I got a letter from Cec yesterday.

On our trip here we came thru Canada from Pt. Hawn to Buffalo N.Y.

Well honey I’ve got a mess of things to do so I’d better close for tonite.

It’s plenty cold up here – how is it in K.C.?

I’ll write tomorrow nite honey.

Goodnite Darling!

Write soon.

All My Love


I miss you & love you!

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