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Friday, July 2, 2010

December 13, 1942

Fort Riley, Kansas

Dec. 13, 1942

Sun 2: P.M.

Hi Honey!

I received your letter yesterday. I know you won’t believe this either, but I really look forward for your letters. How do you know I don’t mean what I say? I won’t bother to explain, it would do no good I know. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

I just came back from the P.X. I just had a couple of beers. It sure is making me sleepy. I’m writing on my bunk again. You’ll have to figure out this code I’m writing in.

This week we studied & dissembled the 30 cal machine gun & 45. cal. Sub Thompson. I’ve been taking them apart in my sleep. We had our rifles issued us Friday. Sat. we went on a hike with them, & do they get heavy.

I had about 4 hours driving instruction this week on the Armored Scout car. Those baby’s weigh about 6 tons. I’d like for a “jig” to get in front of me when I’m behind that wheel. I got paid Fri. nite. I’ll probably be tight for a week.

I got a card from Lu. yesterday too.

There’s a rumor going around today, that we’re going on another overnight hike tomorrow. I hope it’s only a rumor! I don’t care much for sleeping under those tents on the ground. It’s really not much fun. NO kidding!

Boy am I getting sleepy! I can hear a crap game going on upstairs. I think I’ll go up and watch it a while.

What you been doing for you yourself? I know you don’t do anything for anybody else. (only kidding). Or don’t ya?

You said you’d wait for my picture, so how about sending yours, while I’m waiting. I mean till I get a chance to get out of camp & have some taken? I’ll expect it in your next letter.

My hand is getting kind of wobbly so I had better sign off.

I know some moron jokes but I’d better not send them to ya now. I mean, moron jokes besides me.

I got some laundry to do & shoe polishing & rifle cleaning. So bye sweetheart – write soon.

Love – Johnny


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