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Saturday, July 10, 2010

February 11, 1943

New York, NY

Feb 11, 1943

Fri 8:00 P.M.

My Darling Mark,

Hello Sweetheart!!!

I haven’t written any this week – have been pretty busy. I got a letter from home today – just finished answering it. Ralph came home on a 15 day furlough. I guess he was pretty happy about that. I’m having a tough time writing this in bed – as you can see.

I haven’t anything special to write about – except that I miss you an awful lot & love you more honey.

Well honey how are you & what you been doing lately? What’s happening in K.C.?

I went to town Tues. nite & had a few bitters (beer) had a good time - & no I didn’t get drunk honey. The town was blacked out & couldn’t see much. It looked nice what I did see of it. Between that & the hikes my feet are really sore.

Have you been over Lu & Cec’s lately?

Well honey I guess I’ll close this for tonite – I’ll write tomorrow if I have any time.

We just made some coffee & I want to drink it while it’s still hot.

Tell all the folks I said hello. Tell Dedi (?) I said hello.

Goodnite Darling

Write Soon

I love you Darling

All My Love


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