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Sunday, August 1, 2010

April 21, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
April 21, 1943

Dearest Mark –

Here I am again. I just finished writing to you about 2 hrs. ago. I just got word from a Lt. that no one will be able to leave the co. area this week-end. So if you were coming up – I guess you will have to cancel it. I don’t know what’s up – but we have to dress in uniform all day Sunday.

If I get a chance I’ll try & call you Sat. nite.

I just finished writing a letter to Lu. – hope you get this letter in time. I had a fellow mail the other one in Manhattan this afternoon.

It shore is getting windy here now. It looks like rain too. Well Sweetheart, going to sign off now.

I think you’d have a better time home for Easter anyhow. Maybe we can make it after Easter, huh? Good nite Darling. I sure miss you. I’m thinking of you from Taps till Revelle.

All my Love X

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