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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our WWII Soldier's Brother Gets Married!

Camp Polk, Louisiana

Jan. 2, 1944

(inside flap:)
Love you
Darling – Write

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

Honey – I got two letters from you today of the 29 & 30. You did write before you went to the party didn’t you honey. I’m glad you did.

I’m taking a break off K.P. right now. I’m trying to finish this letter now so I can go to town tonite. I might have another picture taken honey. Honey you can send that picture you took & I’ll carry it along someway. Better send it air-mail fast. We have to get G.I. haircuts again today or tomorrow.

Honey – I knew you were going to think I was drunk when I took that picture. I had a few – but I wasn’t drunk.

That was my brother’s marriage notice – I didn’t know anything about it tho. I knew he intended to marry that girl – but I didn’t think it would be now.

Here’s a kid sleeping peacefully & another trying his damnedest to give him a hot foot. As soon as it gets hot – I’ll let you know the outcome.

I should stay in tonite & do some washing – we have field inspection tomorrow – but to hell with it.

Well honey – I’d better get back on K.P. now. If I get back from Leesville in time I’ll write some more.

I’m going to try & hire somebody for my K.P. after chow tonite so I can get off early.

Don’t forget to send that picture honey – quick!

I love you darling – I love you & miss you more by the hour.

Bye for now Darling!
         A million kisses!

All My Love                 Johnny

Write Soon.