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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Has To Take the Jeep Back To The Motorpool

Camp Polk, Louisiana

Jan. 1, 1943
Sat. Eve. 7:00

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

No letter today – but I know why, so I’ll write anyway.

It’s been raining all day again. I’ve been driving all day again too. I’ve got to take the jeep back to the motor pool yet tonite.

We have to wait till 8:00 before we’re off tonite & then we can get a pass till 6:00 tomorrow morning. Our last one! I don’t think I’ll go anyplace tho – not enough time & raining pretty hard.

I’m sending the wedding picture home – I wish I could keep it with me.

Honey I sure miss you a lot. All day I had you on my mind – just thinking how nice it would be to be with you.

We have to work tomorrow too. I’m on K.P. tho so it won’t be so bad.

We have to be ready on a 6 hour notice now – so if you don’t get any letters for awhile you’ll know why honey.  Honey – I do hope you’ll write as often as you can – I will.

We’ve got a kid nailed up in a packing crate here now. You ought to hear (him) holler. They’re taking him in the shower room now & get him wet. Crazy!

Well honey I’d better close for tonite now.

Goodnite Darling      I love you

All My Love        Johnny

I love you Darling

[Author's Note:  The year is now 1944, but Johnny wrote 1943 on the letter, so I transcribed it exactly as it was.  You know how it is when you have to learn to write a new year on everything!]

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