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Sunday, February 26, 2012

WWII Soldiers Are Moving Out of Camp Polk

Camp Polk, Louisiana

Jan. 5, 1943
Wed. Eve.

(inside flap:)
love you
There’s a picture in here!
 Write Soon
Love   Johnny

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

I got your letter today. I was sure glad – cause it will be the last one I get for 4 or 5 days. This will be the last one from me for a couple of days honey. I’ll write the first chance I get tho honey.

How about a nice long letter when you get this one huh?  I will probably need it then – not getting any for a week.

I guess you found the picture I’m sending in this letter by now. I had my hair cut ½” yesterday. Everyone had to. We look like cue balls now.

The hike was called off last Friday – we stayed in all day & got issues of clothing & equipment. I was glad of it – my feet just can’t take it.

Tonite is our last nite here. I’m glad we’re moving out of here – but I’ll be further away from you honey is what I don’t like. I’m going with a couple of Sargeants on an advanced detail to wherever we’re going. We’ll probably get there about a ½ day before the rest of the Troop.

I got a couple of letters from the guys in my old outfit. They’re still on maneuvers.

Cec. should have known that was my ring – I told him I gave it to you. He’s a great guy tho honey – I don’t think he’s really mad at you. I’ll have to write him a letter tonite too.

I hope we can get married this year too honey – I really do!

Gosh! Honey I’ll sure miss not hearing from you for a week. When I don’t hear for a day or two is bad but a week! Honey be sure & write – a long one.

We have to get up at 3:00 in the morning & then probably wait till noon. Its what they call the “Old Army game” – hurry up & wait, & it’s true.

Well – Darling I guess I’ll close for now. I’ll have to take these letters to the Service club & mail them. We can’t mail them here anymore.

Honey – I love you & always will. Someday I’ll be back honey & we’ll make up for the lost time.

There goes a whistle honey – we have to fall out. I’ll finish when I get back.

Well we’ll be on the train for 4 days. We might be able to mail letters on the way. If we can I’ll write.

Bye for now Darling –
Write Soon

All My Love        Johnny     x o x

I love you

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  1. I know I keep saying this but if ONLY we had all HER letters to him....what a complete picture we'd have!! These are great!