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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The WWII Soldier is Alone on New Year's Eve

Camp Polk, Louisiana

Dec. 31, 1943
New Years Eve.

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

I got your letter today & the wedding picture. I thought the wedding picture was nice. I’m going to send it home to the folks tomorrow.

Damn! Honey you scared me! I opened your letter & seen that – good-bye angel - & I thought you were leaving me already. Don’t ever say good-bye honey – I’m coming back to you. Honey – I’m sure there is no one else but you. I’m positive of that & I knew it long ago.

Frank is home on furlough now – he’s got till Jan. 5. I sure wish I could see the lug. I’d rather see you tho honey!

If we get this clothes & equipment job cleaned up – I might be able to get a pass next week & you could come down. I’ll wire you if I can.

All this week I’ve been driving for the officers. It’s a good go – I get out of Troop duty.

Today I took a Lt. to Alexandria about 70 miles from here & just got back at 7:00 tonite. Then he didn’t get what he went after & may have to go again tomorrow – but I hope we start earlier.

I hope you get to write after the party honey – cause that means I’ll have a letter from you tomorrow. Honey – I’m always happy when I get a letter from you (even if you give me hell in them). I hope you write very often honey.

I didn’t say I didn’t want to neck in my dreams of you. I do – but I didn’t think of it when I dreamed of you. I do but I don’t. See? Or do you? I’m talking about “necking” too!

Oh – honey – I just looked at my dog-tags & that St. Christopher medal you sent me isn’t there. I must have lost it today – I had it last nite. I hope I can find it.

I’ve got to write Mom & Cec. a letter yet tonite so I’d better close for tonite honey.

Honey – I hope I get to see you yet before I leave. Nothing would make me any happier – either.

I’m going to Mass in the morning if I get a chance.

Honey – I love you & miss you more every day.

Goodnite Darling!! I love you! Please write Soon.

         All My Love        Johnny

Love  & Kisses honey.

I love you Darling –

I love you!

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