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Friday, February 24, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Goes into Leesville For the Last Time

Camp Polk, Louisiana

Jan. 4, 1943 (sic)
Tues. Eve.

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

No letter yesterday & no letter today. Kinda slipping aren’t you?

I didn’t write last nite as you know. I went into Leesville for the last time. I had a picture taken which I’m sending in this letter.

Haven’t been doing much lately to talk about.

Honey – I sure miss you! I wish I was with you now.

I got a letter from Ralph today. He likes the Army about as much as I do.

Honey – I can’t write a long letter unless I get one from you.

We’ve been having a lot of physical torture too – hikes & calisthenics!

Honey - I guess I’ll have to close for tonite – write soon.

Good nite Darling!!

Love & Kisses     Johnny

I love you Darling – I love you. Miss you more every day honey!

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