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Thursday, January 12, 2012

December 18, 1943

Camp Polk, Louisiana
Dec. 18, 1943
Sat. Eve.

(inside envelope flap)
Yo te amo
All My Love - honey!
Notice 4 pages!!

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

I got your sweet letter today. The mail must be slow during Christmas – this letter of yours took 4 days. I got 2 letters from today that were mailed 5 days apart.

We had another clothes inspection today. We’re getting practically a whole new issue of equipment.

We’re off tomorrow till 1:00 P.M. We have to go to the motor pool in the afternoon & check tools in the tanks & half-tracks.

We should have all of the vehicles turned in by next Wednesday.

I think I’ll go to 11:00 Mass in the morning.

I’ll probably get up & eat breakfast at 7:30 & go back to sleep till 10:30 or not eat & go to communion.

It warmed up today & I’m glad – I just don’t like that cold weather. I don’t mind it at all with you tho honey.

I’ve heard from Cec honey – so I guess I won’t give him hell that would be kinda hard to do anyway. I’d like to see the wedding pictures tho.

There’s a lot of flu going around here too. We got hell last night for having all the windows closed. The medic came thru about 12:00 last night & opened them.

I started to give the guy next to me hell for opening it. It was really cold.

Honey I miss you more every day & I’m always thinking about you.

I’d sure love to be with you now & always! If I could – I’d come to K.C. just for 1 day – but I’d need a three day pass & a week end.

Well honey I’ve got to write to Frank & Ralph yet. I haven’t written to them for about 2 months. I’ve been moving around & they have too – it’s hard to keep track of each other.

Mom has got a feeling what’s going on since I’ve sent all my extra clothes & shoes home. She made a remark about it in my last letter – but I didn’t say anything about – maybe she’ll pass it off & forget about it. I hope so.

Honey I’d better sign off now. There goes the bugle & lights will be going out any moment now. I miss you & love you darling!  Write Soon.

         All    My    Love  Johnny     xox
X       O      X       Yo te amo          X       O      X
X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X        

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