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Saturday, January 14, 2012

December 20, 1943

Camp Polk, Louisiana
Dec. 20, 1943
Mon. 1:00 P.M.

(inside envelope flap)
Yo te amo     X O X X O
Write Soon honey, X O X O X O

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

I thought I’d start this letter now while I’m thinking of you so much! I’ve got two more hours of guard from 2 to 4 & then I’m thru. I have to stand guard mount at 5 tho.  Honey I thought about you every minute on guard last nite. It was almost like you walking beside me, but not quite – I couldn’t kiss you!

I can almost picture you now at work, or was you working at this time?

Honey – I guess you’ve got the ring by now. I had it wrapped at the service club & they did a pretty poor job of it. They didn’t even have any cards to put inside so I could tell you how much I loved you. Honey – I love you & miss you – I hope you don’t get tired waiting for me. I’m looking so forward to the day that we can be together & married. That’s the dream & future I’m planning on most!  And praying for darling!

Honey – I’ll have to close here & get ready for guard. I’m just about half-dressed & was laying around reading when I decided to write to you. I should have a letter from you this afternoon – shouldn’t I.  I’ll finish this then honey. X X X X X

Hello again honey – I did get a letter from you today. I got one from Cec too & a card.

Honey – now is a fine time to tell of your birthday!  I never knew & you never told me. That must have been your birthday dinner you went to the other night huh?  I catch on fast!

Sounds like you had a very happy birthday honey. Since you’ve asked, I was born June 23, 1922 by Mrs. Jambrosic who is my mother. I had nothing to do with it, but I’m glad some body did.

I’ve sure got a hell of a cold!  Guess I caught it last nite on guard. My dogs are really sore! I don’t know what I’d do if I really had to walk a lot.

I started to town tonite but couldn’t make it.

They’ve got a loud-speaker put up & have been playing Christmas carols every nite.

It’s funny how they make a guy feel when he’s away from home. I never paid much attention to them when I was home on Christmas. I guess a guy learns to appreciate a lot of things when he’s away from them.

Honey – I’ll never let you go when I get back. I love you more each day. I never get tired of hearing how much you love & miss me honey.

We’re going to have midnite Mass in the Field house Christmas Eve. It’s a pretty big auditorium & they’re fixing pretty nice. They’re having a large choir too.

Well – honey I’d better sign off for tonite – I should write to Cec if I can before lights go out.

I’m a pretty tired soldier tonite, I should go to bed early - & dream longer of you.

Honey I’ll bet you gained 5 lbs on your birthday didn’t you?

I’m trying hard to make this a six page letter honey – & just saying anything to fill it out. I seem to be going pretty good now. If I can just keep it up a few more lines & a little larger writing I should do it.  There!!  I dood it!

Goodnite Honey X
XOX  All My Love        Johnny     XOX
X       X       X       O      X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X

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